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James Goodwin: 'STAR BRIGHT ICE'

Published on
Photo: James Goodwin

sense orion’s slide       shining ice

glass, metal selene. you might see me in the rhythm

in the streets       real heaven’s dark.

breath, bleed, crang, paradisal.

overtures as if cupid drops through

polished screens. wrested folded seals

wrest philharmonic that you listen and

know not to get it twisted. we’ll star

them through gazing. this yr

last borealis over

each indistinct meridian

enfleshed      but slowed down turned out

on a gurney. it isn’t cheap in

south or east, so you leave early. spider knots and

hitches on warm waterways. visitations for

blonks. tuned up leaving them

clean in two. we don’t matter about holding

what time needed/ sent us circling off-

white like virgil, it’s real life, not virtue.

limitless, empty orchestral

lines, evil gully       jars and

listens, cuts through on resurfacing crystal

verge from the heights of outdoor

plazas. it’s a plush

morn dragging ice and smoke

into subtention. each and every one of them

bars will make you scream side by side. soft

spread lyrical arsenic with the

coefficient of an ancient glacier      locked up like

shine. intimacy’s compound registers bending

true astronomical north. whether it’s

one of yr people     jump in the

ride with one of yr people’s cold

dress codes       phasing out by streetlight, bleached by

bomblight. not our usual

night walk from the deep, spliced un-

levied, mixing star bright ice       segued from


James Goodwin is a poet doing a PhD in English and Humanities at Birkbeck, University of London. His pamphlet, aspects caught in the headspace we’re in: composition for friends (2020), was published by Face Press; and his book, Fleshed Out For All The Corners Of The Slip (2021), was published by the87press. His other work has appeared in publications such as Poetry Wales, the Earthbound Press poetry pamphlet series with Notes on Breath and Emanation, Granta Magazine, Ludd Gang #5 (Poet’s Hardship Fund), Senna Hoy, and Altered States
(Ignota Books).
Faux Ice will soon be out with Materials.