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Kamila Iżykowicz: '2m'

Published on 6th July 2020

Kamila Iżykowicz

I was 2 many                                                   Once I was 2
too many times distanced                                  mum remember me this way please
from you my nature                                          that will never change

I am way 2 much                                              2 billion bright stars
into you when you’re running                             trees and leaves didn't notice
away from me boy                                            one human virus

Was it 2 meters                                                 2 million moments
long or wide this time                                        behind us trees are waiting
I spent just with you at home                              smelling so damn good

It takes 2 minutes                                              Much 2 many thoughts
to become a poet’s dream                                   much later air is as golden
or a police nightmare                                         as a coin once was

I was 2 months                                                 I was 2 many
there eating salty rice with you                            too many times distanced
the smell of sea water                                        from you my nature

Kamila Iżykowicz

Kamila Iżykowicz is a product and concept design practitioner, writer and visual artist based in London. She’s a postgraduate MA student in Design Products at Royal College of Art, and in summer 2019 was a Tate Modern: Staged on Screen invitee with her video performance art.