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Sangeeta Bhagawati: Five Linoprints

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Sangeeta Bhagawati makes linoprints with chinecollé, mono prints and etchings. Sangeeta’s prints revolve around images of body. They evoke the relation of the body to pleasure, loss, power and growth. These images, of bodies together as well as in isolation, hinge on the narrative potential of Sangeeta’s work – each print dwells on the possibility of multiple interpretation by the viewer. The aim is to encourage the viewers to feel the myriad emotions provoked by these carvings and mark makings on body.

'Ximalu': Linoprint on Indian Sunn Hemp paper. Ximalu or Shimalu (Bombax ceiba), which grows abundantly during spring in my home state of Assam in India, is the inspiration behind this print. I carved the design for this print when it was spring in London, to reflect the memories of spring I grew up with.


'Inward', 'Seedling' and 'Seed': Linoprints on Indian Sunn Hemp paper. These three prints are part of a series of work I have made from my kitchen studio in lockdown. The designs have grown out of my own introspection of growth and growing/ looking inward in solitude.


'Metmorphosis': Linoprint with two layers of chine-collé, on Canal jute and cotton paper. This is another print I have made in lockdown. I have observed that the designs I have carved in isolation since last year have involved the idea of growth and change in many ways. In this print the idea of change and evolving takes the form of a very botanical depiction of imagining the 'self' growing with nature: a manifestation of having very little access to the outdoors. 


Sangeeta Bhagawati is a London-based printmaker and PhD student from India. You can follow her work on Instagram at @_amoort_.